The Top 8 Reasons Why Contract IT Jobs Are a Great Choice

If you’re between IT jobs, there are plenty of ways to spend your time. Obviously, you should prepare a solid resume, and be diligent in your job search efforts. But what happens when the resume is written, the networks are established, the interviews are happening – but you’re still not getting a job? According to employment professionals, that’s a terrific time to consider a contract, or contingent, job. reports that in the first half of 2012, the number of contract job postings rose 7%, while permanent positions only gained 6%. Many experts believe that the growth rate indicates which type of jobs employers prefer to hire for, and the current numbers give contract hires a slight edge at the moment. It’s no secret that contract workers offer employers multiple advantages, from cost savings to staffing flexibility to fresh ideas and insights. So what’s in it for you? Here are 8 great benefits of taking a contract job:

1) It keeps your resume current – Working means there are no pesky employment gaps to have to hide or explain.

2) It gives you motivation – Having something important to do helps you avoid the temptation to stay in bed or spend all day on Facebook.

3) It covers your bills – Though you may not get bennies like medical coverage or vacation pay, contract wages can be surprisingly generous.

4) It builds your network – Remember, finding a job is all about who you know, and contract jobs introduce you to more professionals in your field.

5) It sharpens skills – It’s use it or lose it, and contract work keeps your valuable, hard-earned skills fresh.

6) It uncovers new references – When you do find a permanent position to apply for, you may have found a great reference or two through your contingent job.

7) It helps you stay excited about working – Contract jobs can allow you to contribute and be valued professionally, while avoiding office politics and other “fun killers” at work.

8) It gets you in the door – It may not happen every time, but plenty of contract positions lead to excellent full-time work.

Whether you’re looking to go contract to permanent, or just think a contingency job sounds like a great change from the permanent position job track, give the IT staffing experts at Triumph Services a call. With 15 years of specialized industry experience, Triumph is the perfect choice for help finding the opportunity that’s right for you – right now.

By Jason Williams: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Sales Division of Triumph, he has helped hundreds of clients find the best talent.