New Job Search Strategies for the New Year

Ah, the New Year. Always a great time to start fresh. And if you’re unemployed or unhappily employed, why not take this opportunity to create and incorporate new job search strategies for 2014?

Here are four new job search tactics that you can try:

1. Get Active in Social Media

Incorporating social media into your job hunt is a must in 2014! Create, update or maintain your social media accounts to connect with others, stay relevant, impress potential employers and share your employment goals.

2. Host or Attend a Networking Party

Social media is not the only way to connect. Especially if you want to stay local, try hosting a “networking party,” where you invite industry professionals and other great connections in your local job market. At the gathering, everyone can share contacts and enjoy the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

3. Join a Local Job Search Group

Contact your local department of labor or unemployment office to see if there are any groups already in place. If not, create one! A job search group can be a great place for support. You’ll also have a group of people with whom you can exchange ideas, contacts, job openings and service recommendations.

4. Create an Interview Presentation.

Much of the stress of job interviews comes from worrying about how you’re going to answer tough questions or the fear of saying the wrong thing. Try planning ahead by creating a print, visual or video presentation that illustrates the highlights of your career and points out how your skills match the requirements of the job. You can also create a more generic presentation that you can post on your LinkedIn profile.

Job searching, whether unemployed or under-employed, can be a stressful undertaking, especially if you’re not seeing results. Hopefully implementing one or more of these strategies will be just what your search needs. If not, give the team at Triumph a call. We’d be happy to discuss what we can do to help you find your next great opportunity!

By Logan Bragg: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Recruiting Division of Triumph, he has helped thousands of candidates find rewarding positions.