How To Build a Better Relationship With Your IT Recruiter

When you sign on with a recruiter, your hope should be not that they’ll help you find a job and you’ll never see them again, but that you can build a successful professional relationship that will last beyond your first placement.

So, how can you get your relationship with your IT recruiter off on the right foot—and keep it moving forward?

This is the key aspect of building a good relationship with your recruiter. Both of you should keep the lines of communication open. And you should make sure you are always available to your recruiter, even during non-business hours. If an opportunity arises, you’ll want to move quickly, so your recruiter needs to know the fastest, easiest way to contact you.

Stay in Touch.

If you haven’t heard from your recruiter in a while, check in every few days. Recruiters have busy schedules—but they should take the time to take your call. Keep up with your recruiter by touching base at least once a week, either by e-mail, text or telephone.

Be Honest.

Whatever the situation, being honest with your recruiter is crucial. If you don’t like the way they’re doing something, tell them. If you have questions about how they’re running their search for your perfect job, ask. If you don’t feel the job they’re pitching you for is right for you, speak up! Your recruiter’s job is to find you the right position, so you need to feel comfortable being truthful. And your recruiter can’t address a concern they don’t know about.

Keep Your Recruiter In the Loop.

While you’re working with your recruiter, immediately notify him or her of any changes or updates made to your resume as soon as you make them. And if you become unavailable for a job, tell your recruiter right away. It makes no sense for someone to continue to try getting you into a position you are no longer able to fill.

Show Your Appreciation

If you really want to thank your recruiter for helping you land a great position, don’t bother with gift baskets or even thank you notes. Referrals, not gifts, will be most appreciated. Positive referrals equal better business for your recruiter, especially if it leads to another placement.

And remember, getting a job shouldn’t mean ending your relationship with your recruiter. You never know what the future holds—your need for a new job, a client opportunity for your recruiter—so staying in contact can benefit you both!

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By Logan Bragg: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Recruiting Division of Triumph, he has helped thousands of candidates find rewarding positions.