8 Tips to Help Your IT Team Become More Productive

If your IT team isn’t functioning right, neither will your company. It’s crucial that your IT personnel remain productive and efficient! How can you make sure your IT workers are performing at their highest possible capacity? Here are 8 tips:

  • Big Plan, Small Steps.Have your IT team set goals for each quarter. Then break those goals down into small, manageable pieces that they can self-manage.
  • Shared Vision. Make sure your team gets sufficient background information and knows the strategic vision behind each project or task. They should know what the target is, what their role is, and what success looks like. This will keep them more engaged and therefore more motivated.
  • Proper Tools and a Strong Foundation. Ensure your team has both the tools and the infrastructure that promote collaboration and efficiency. Invest in up-to-date resources and systems so they can deploy user-intuitive solutions quickly and easily. And be sure teams working together have shared visibility and metrics and the ability to communication across different offices or locations
  • Simplicity. Keep an eye on your workflow and processes, always looking for ways to streamline and reduce unnecessary tasks. If a task doesn’t obviously or directly contribute to the goal at hand, try to simplify, delegate or omit it. Eliminating the clutter helps your IT employees move forward and keeps your company more agile in responding to customers.
  • Fewer Meetings. The more time they spend in meetings, the less time your IT employees have to keep up with their responsibilities. Holding weekly or even monthly meetings should be enough to keep everyone in the loop and on the same page.
  • Less Small Stuff. First, don’t micromanage. If you hired smart, talented people because they could get the job done, stand back and let them do it. And reduce the amount of reporting they need to do—they shouldn’t be spending more than 10 percent of their time doing so—so they can focus on getting work done.
  • Real-Time Feedback. Let your IT employees know how they’re doing, as they’re doing something. Give immediate, public recognition for positive accomplishments, and address negative issues or areas that need improvement privately—also immediately. This will empower your team to take ownership of their work, while building trust and letting them know where they stand.
  • Free Food. Seriously. There’s a reason successful companies like Google offer employees free snacks. Whether they need a quick break or an energy boost, it’s more convenient—and better for productivity—if they can grab a quick bite in the office instead of leaving.

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By Logan Bragg: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Recruiting Division of Triumph, he has helped thousands of candidates find rewarding positions.