How to Use Social Media to Get a Job

Stop and ask yourself a quick question, “If I needed to look for a job right now, what would I do?”  Would you have said “use social media?”  Only 29% of job seekers use social media as their primary job hunting tool, although I personally feel this number is rising, especially in IT.  Yet 92% of Companies use social media for recruiting.  What’s that mean?  A lot of companies are looking for candidates, and the candidate supply is not there.    Here are a few tips that may help you if (and when) you need to find a new job.



  • Let it be known – Unless you are passively looking (you don’t want your boss to find out), go ahead and post it on your social media feeds.  Keep is positive, short and sweet.  Something like, “Contract is over in May, looking for a Senior .NET Developer position in Richmond, VA.” Or, if you are downsized, show the world your glass is half full – “Just found out we are being laid off next month.  10+ VMWare/Citrix/LAN Admin on the loose in Virginia Beach, VA!”  I have actually seen posts like this, immediately called the candidate, and within days had them a new job.  This is huge, my friends.
  • Keep it current – Spend some time and make your LinkedIn profile shine!  Many of my candidates actually use their resume as their profile, which I think is great.  For those that don’t know, recruiters search by skill sets on social media site, so not only will this highlight your capabilities, but it will also mean you show up in our searches.
  • Build your network – If you have not been keeping your contacts up to date, spend some time on these sites and update past colleagues, companies you have worked for or want to work for, and let them know you are looking.  People want to help people, so get the word out that you need help, and be specific about what you are looking to do. Experiment with hashtags on Twitter, follow different firms, retweet articles, blogs, and jobs in your network.  Or start your own blog and show people your expertise!
  • You like me, right? Don’t be bashful about asking for LinkedIn testimonials.  Recruiters like to see these.  Sometimes they can even take the place of a formal reference check, depending on our clients.  Plus, you may be feeling a little down about your situation and these little pick me ups will guarantee to put a smile on your face!  Remember sometimes you have to give in order to get, so write a few about people you have enjoyed working with, and you probably will get a few in return.
  • You do what on the weekends? – Even if you don’t supply your social media profiles, 73% of recruiters will check them out anyways. It’s our job to be detectives.  Spend some time cleaning up your posts and pictures.  It’s perfectly fine to have social pictures, but delete anything that could be considered offensive.
  • One and Done – Don’t do these things and then wait for the phone to start ringing.  The old school things still work.  Use job boards, attend real networking events, and of course, use a couple good recruiters who specialize in your area, your skill set, and that have experience.
  • Say Cheese – I definitely think you should have a picture on LinkedIn.  Sometimes at my firm, my clients are hiring so quickly that they want us to forego our standard in-person interview and just ask us if we have “screened” the candidate and can vouch for their professional appearance.  Another reason is if you are a recruiter and talk to 50+ people per day, it absolutely makes the call a little more “memorable” when you can put a face with the name. Some people say seeing that “blank” profile pic screams, “What are they hiding?”  I would say if you don’t care, then post an updated professional picture.

Social Media recruiting is on the rise.  More companies are using it because of the low recruiting cost and high return on investment.  Make sure you are prepared and ready when the time comes.  And remember, Triumph Services is here for you when you need it.  Have a great Spring Break!


Logan Bragg

Partner, Triumph Services


By Logan Bragg: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Recruiting Division of Triumph, he has helped thousands of candidates find rewarding positions.