Rob C., Director of IT, Financial Services

After years of steady employment, I was laid off and out in the job market for the first time in more than a decade. There were several firms who offered to seek employment for me, but the team at Triumph was truly head-and-shoulders above the rest. Not only did they work with me to explore my particular skill sets in information technology, they also sought out and identified potential jobs that were the right fit. They weren’t interested in just simply finding me a job so they could move on to the next person. Instead, they really tried to cater my skills with the right job.

When they identified a potential job for me, they prepared me every step of the way. And one of the most impressive aspects of the entire experience with Triumph was that they stayed in contact with more follow-up conversations after I had secured employment. They wanted to make sure I had truly found the right job after a few weeks into the new employment experience. The attention to detail and the feeling like the people at Triumph really cared for my future career path was simply amazing. If I ever were to find myself unemployed again, the first place I would call would be Triumph.


By Jason Williams: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Sales Division of Triumph, he has helped hundreds of clients find the best talent.