How to Recruit Highly Skilled Tech Talent

Recruiting highly skilled IT talent can be challenging—whether it’s because competition is heavy, you’re looking for a common skill set or you need someone with extremely specialized experience. But here’s how to give yourself the edge and make the whole process much less difficult:

Remember, when you’re dealing with tech talent that is used to being in demand, it’s usually not about the money. Their motivation lies elsewhere, so ask yourself the following questions to figure out what else you can offer them.

What’s Your Technology Challenge?

It’s not enough to say you use cutting-edge technology. IT talent wants to know what kinds of technical challenges you offer. What are the real-world problems they’ll be asked to solve? What kind of impact will their work have on the business? Will their work matter to the company?

How Does IT Fit Into Your Business Vision?

Most skilled tech employees want more than just a stable job and a steady paycheck. They can get those anywhere. If you want to attract them, show that you’ll provide meaningful work, where they can make an impact. Show them how they can help shape your organization. Know how to explain your company’s short and long-term business strategy in a way that will help candidates understand, identify with, and agree with the vision of your company—and their potential role in it.

What Kind of Corporate Culture Do You Have?

For highly skilled tech talent, who can pick and choose, who they’re working with can be as important as what they’re working on. What’s the IT culture like at your office? What kind of management style can they expect? Are your IT managers knowledgeable? Does the rest of your team have a diversity of skills?

If you want to bring top talent to your organization, you need to understand their motivations, and be able to explain how your opportunity matches those motivations. An experienced technical recruiting and staffing firm can help. They can work with you to define your offerings and reach out to find the full-time employees that you need, or they can match you with experienced temporary candidates who fit both your projects and your environment.

Don’t believe us? Give the team at Triumph a call. We’d be glad to tell you exactly how we work, and how we can partner with you to find the tech talent you need.

By Logan Bragg: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Recruiting Division of Triumph, he has helped thousands of candidates find rewarding positions.