Six IT Résumé Trends You Should Adopt

Your résumé is your professional calling card, and as such remains the most important part of your job search package. Just like the Information Technology world in general, however, résumé styles change over time, and you don’t want to begin searching for a new position with an outdated CV. With that in mind, let’s take a look at six IT résumé trends worth adopting.

A LinkedIn Version of Your Résumé is a Must

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, get one, and treat it like an online version of your résumé. Many top technical firms use LinkedIn to search for candidates, so if you don’t leverage LinkedIn or other online résumé services you may miss a chance at a great job.

Consider using Charts and Graphs to Display Tangible Achievements

Hiring managers want to see tangible achievements from their candidates. Consider using a few charts and graphs on your résumé to display how you’ve made a positive difference for your previous employers. Don’t go overboard, though.

Publicize Your Résumé on Social Media

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media site that hiring managers notice. Publicize your résumé on Facebook and Twitter as well to reach the most potential suitors.

A Video Résumé is Worth it for Interactive Media Developers

If you are a web developer with experience in Flash and HTML5 animation, consider using a video résumé to display your work in action. Many job search sites now allow candidates to upload a video version of their CV.

A Quotation From a Former Client Might Make the Difference

Consider adding a quotation from previous client or supervisor that summarizes your capabilities. This would essentially be a print version of a LinkedIn recommendation.

Filter Out Any Fluff Words

Make sure your career summary and job descriptions remain free of clichés and fluff words, like “team player” or “results driven.”

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By Logan Bragg: Partner, Triumph Services. As head of the Recruiting Division of Triumph, he has helped thousands of candidates find rewarding positions.